America’s SBDC 2019


Workshop Schedule

September 4, 2019 | 8:00am - 9:30AM | 104B
Profit Mastery: break-even 360° - The absolute best tool to drive unit profitability

With break-even analysis you will gain a method to analyze the present – and make better decisions about the future.

It’s time for every business owner/manager to take stock – and take action. Taking stock requires tools and a process – and taking action requires a “rifle shot” focus.

This session will offer a uniquely powerful tool, Break-Even Analysis, to provide you an action plan to identify and capture incremental profits. This is finance like you’ve never seen it before.

Steve LeFever is amazingly adept at presenting sophisticated financial concepts and tools in practical, understandable language. And our
no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud approach will make the time fly!

The Profit Mastery “Cup Theory” is a 360° approach to profit management that will enable you to see performance measurement in a whole new light – and enable you to implement a process to squeeze additional profits out of your business forever – in tough times or good.

If you only attend one session, make it this one. By using the tools of cost and Break-Even Analysis, participants will have a road map to make critical decisions regarding the profitability of individual locations and products – as well a gauging the impact of changes in cost, volume, or pricing.

It’s simply not to be missed!

Steve LeFever, Chairman, Profit Mastery
Focus Area: Finance/Accounting/Financial Analysis


September 5, 2019 | 1:45pm - 5:00pm | Grand Ball hall
Profit mastery: For improved profits, Manage your Cash flow

Cut straight to the bottom line with a hands-on, practical workshop focusing on why your clients need to perform cash flow analysis, how to do it, and the impact it can have on the way your clients run their company.

Have you ever asked yourself, why does cash go south when sales are through the roof? Are there ways to predict and control for fluctuations in cash? Why aren't net profits translating into cash? This session cuts straight to the bottom line with tools to create a management process that can result in improved cash flow and profitability for your clients. Working with the instructor, participants will build a profit plan and cash budget on a step by step basis. This session is taught using plain-English, in a simple, yet decisions-relevant way.

Steve LeFever, Chairman, Profit Mastery
Focus Areas: Finance/Accounting/Financial Analysis, Sponsor


September 6, 2019 | 8:00am - 9:30am | Grand Ball room
Profit Mastery: Financial Gap 360°
The absolute best tool to assess capital needs, Leverage, and risk and manage the balance sheet

The economic meltdown highlighted with crystal clarity the importance of the balance sheet.

While growth and recession get measured on the income statement, they get “paid for” on the balance sheet. This Financial Gap will dovetail perfectly with the Break-even 360° session from Wednesday morning. We will focus on the most sophisticated, yet easy-to understand planning tools to concurrently emphasize the key profits and cash flow drivers.

Without maintaining a watchful eye on the balance sheet to take proactive control of cash flow, capital, and leverage – business entities can fall into the “Financial Gap.”

This unique presentation allows both business owners and bankers to assess their current survival position, forecast future capital needs, as well as become acquainted with the “Sponge Technique” – a sophisticated yet practical strategy to wring much-needed cash out of a balance sheet through improved capital efficiency.

A case study/practical application is utilized to demonstrate both strategic impact and practical application. This is the best analytical tool to come out of the financial community in 2+ decades. Don’t miss this session!

This is not a lecture. A case-study approach will be utilized.

Steve LeFever, Chairman, Profit Mastery
Focus Area: Finance/Accounting/Financial Analysis


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