Profit Mastery®
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Do you want to make more profit?
Improve your cash flow?  
It all starts with smart money management.

Some of our franchise clients

In the growing franchise community, the needs of the franchisees are numerous.  The franchisor is called upon to develop new products and deliver a wide-spectrum of services — including a knowledgeable field staff, marketing and operational support, and training. 

The delivery of all of these services requires that the advisory skills of the field staff be fine-tuned so that they are equipped to give appropriate and knowledgeable advice — including the "dollars and cents" of a franchise owner. We work with an expanding number of franchise networks because our Profit Mastery® process is so effective at improving both the profitability and cash flow of an individual business and the network as whole.

The components include:

We deliver financial know-how in a straightforward approach. Since 1988 our Profit Mastery® program has partnered with the International Franchise Association (IFA) — and worked with dozens of individual franchisors.  Our program, “Profit Mastery®:  Financial Bootcamp,” is the financial cornerstone of IFA’s CFE program — and we are consistently top-rated presenters for panels, workshops, and round-tables.  In addition, Profit Mastery® has been introduced to nearly all seven continents (Antarctica is proving to be a little difficult).

The most common way for us to meet your organization for the first time is to deliver a keynote general session (90 minutes) and related workshop (90 minutes) at your next national/regional conference. Our presentations consist of a combination of information, motivation and humor. We are typically the top-rated presenters at any conference we attend. Our instructors have a tremendous ability to motivate audiences and build excitement around the usually dreaded "numbers" topic. Tap in to our savvy and style — contact us today!

We undertook the Profit Mastery training - outstanding training that really helped our franchisees understand not only how to build profits, but to understand balance sheet ratios and understand that cash is king and you need to accumulate it.
— Catherine Monson, CEO and President of FASTSIGNS International Inc. / International Franchise Assn. 2016 Keynote Presentation
At our convention…you were the top rated speaker and had our franchisees captivated with your unique presentation style. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and I am pleased to report that our franchisees unit profitability increased by 30%!
— Gerald Bergler, Executive Vice President American Speedy
The Profit Mastery tools and components were instrumental in helping us educate our franchisees on the critical issues they need to focus on to build their businesses. Your unique style mixes powerful tools with an amazingly effective combination of motivation and humor, and was responsible for getting our franchisees involved.
— Gigi Harding, CEO, Kwik Kopy Printing
The response from zees (regarding Profit Mastery) has been great – it is not often you hear gushing praise from where I stand, so this is one of the best responses in 10 years of doing this.
— Steve Murphy, President Winmark Corporation (Music Go Round, Plato’s Closet, Once Upon a Child, Play it Again Sports)
Your presentation resonated with out franchisees and we received so many positive comments regarding the content of your message. We were also pleasantly surprised with how entertaining and humorous the presentation was.
— Kendra Shier, V.P. of Branding and Mike Lester, Senior V.P. of Operations The Melting Pot

Meet Some of Our Clients

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