Profit Mastery® Workshops

Invest in yourself and your business to gain financial control
with proven tools and processes.


In our hands-on workshops you'll learn to understand your financials, learn how to manage your business to increase profitability, and strengthen your relationship with your lender. Discover how to actively manage YOUR business and accomplish YOUR goals.

Alongside other business owners and managers, you will analyze real-world business problems and uncover how to:

  • Overcome common business problems

  • Understand your financial position

  • Use tools to take active control of your finances

  • Make effective pricing decisions

  • Evaluate and manage cost patterns

  • Make your business bankable

  • Avoid cash crunches

  • Plan for transition

  • Strengthen your lender relationships

The Profit Mastery seminar is probably the most amazing few days I’ve spent to more fully understand the financial tools we use in day to day biz. I took my Director of Operations, the tech/systems guy, and my finance/books people. Amazing learning by all. Highly recommend! Check it out!
— Jody Hall, Owner of Cupcake Royale & Verite Coffee, Seattle, Washington

Profit Mastery® financial management workshops range from 60 minutes to two full days. They are delivered in our practical, plain-English style to ensure the highest knowledge transfer. Our hands-on, case-study approach to workshop design has helped thousands of business owners and their advisors on several continents.

We currently work with over 100 financial institutions, franchise groups, trade associations, and corporations who sponsor our programs for their customers and business network members. Profit Mastery® workshops are designed to give you the greatest flexibility ― to include them at convention, regional or management meetings, and/or to incorporate them into your in-house financial training program.

Each workshop can be delivered "off-the-shelf" or specifically customized to your industry, network, or corporation. Contact us today!


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