Profit Mastery®
University Online

Will help you gain the knowledge and skills to
achieve financial success in your business. 

Profit Mastery® University (PMU) is a user-friendly and funny online seminar that teaches how to manage a company from its financial reports — something every business owner or manager needs to know how to do.

You'll learn insightful new analysis tools — utilizing a case study, application-driven format that delivers an eye-opening, uniquely powerful perspective on business performance. 

Here are just a few of the skills we can help you build:

  • Diagnose and monitor your company's financial performance

  • Use Break-even analysis to make better decisions relating to cost, price, and profits

  • Avoid cash crunches and increase cash flow

  • Plan for and manage growth

  • Communicate more effectively with bankers and other financial professionals

  • Structure a loan that's the right fit for your business

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Why is financial illiteracy so widespread in business?

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Since 1984, thousands of business owners have applied our proven techniques to their businesses, resulting in greater profits and improved cash flow.  This is the next level of financial management: a world-class online program designed to help you achieve greater profitability and efficiency.

Often delivered in a classroom setting over two days, the entire Profit Mastery® course is now easily and conveniently viewed 24/7/365 in bite-sized segments online.

The course is broken up into six segments:

  • Introduction: Creating a Foundation for Change

  • Financial Analysis

  • Price-Volume-Costs

  • Cash Flow

  • Financial Gap Analysis

  • Financial Planning & Planning for Transition

Profit Mastery® University's financial education includes:

  • Online streaming video

  • Offline case studies and coursework

  • A unique Participant's Guide workbook/reference resource that precisely tracks and guides you through the video presentation, contains all course materials, and provides substantial post-course support

  • One year of access to the online videos

  • Profit Mastery® is an often sought-after resource and partner to companies worldwide. No matter what your industry, type of company, or size, we can help you get to the next level of performance.


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