Profit Mastery®:
Certified Facilitator Tools


Below are some important tools and resources you will need to teach the Profit Mastery® curriculum. We are here to help you succeed!

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If you have questions or don't see what you need listed below, please contact us.

  1. To register your participants for the Profit Mastery® University online curriculum after they've completed the full workshop, click here, then email the spreadsheet to (Excel Spreadsheet)

    If you would like your students to take Modules 1 and 2 before the first live session, provide them the information in #5 and #6 below.

  2. To download the admin guide, "How to Conduct a Successful Profit Mastery® Program" click here (.pdf)

  3. To order Participant’s or Facilitator’s Guides for all NON-Master Licensed Statesclick here for the order form (to fax or email) (.pdf).
    For Master Licensed States, please click here for your order form (.pdf) Master Site Licensed States: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Montana, South-West Texas Border, and Wyoming.

  4. To read the ASBDC Core Competencies document click here (.pdf)

  5. To open the Profit Mastery® Financial Training Pre-course Assignment Client Instructions, please click here (.pdf)

  6. To access Profit Mastery® University, Module 1, Chapters 1 & 2, click here (web link)

  7. To print Evaluation Forms for your Profit Mastery® class click here (.pdf) Please send completed forms to Pamela at

  8. To access a Certificate of Completion you can personalize for your participants, click here (.pdf)

  9. To access the Profit Mastery® Minnesota SBDC Spreadsheets, click hereherehere, and here (Excel Spreadsheet)

  10. To read "Not So Frequently Asked Questions" click here (.pdf)

  11. To Download a Profit Mastery® University brochure, click here (.pdf)

  12. To print out all of Profit Mastery's® one-page flyersclick here (.pdf)

  13. To access the Marketing Ideas Checklist, click here (.pdf)

  14. To access the Profit Mastery® Toolkit, click here (web page)

  15. To view the Profit Mastery® Road Map, click here (.pdf)

  16. To download the Name Tent card file, please click here (Word doc)

  17. To download Sign-in/Sign-out sheets for CPAs attending your class, click here (.pdf)

  18. To view the suggested Profit Mastery University schedule, click here (.pdf)


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