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Profit Mastery is AMAZING! It gives me simple, easy and fun tools to really take a hard look at my business and see how I can improve. It is helping me to manage my cash flow and work more efficiently. And is giving me what I need to be PROFITABLE!
— Mike Lilygren, Co-Owner, Bridge Outdoors, Lander, Wyoming
We undertook the Profit Mastery training - outstanding training that really helped our franchisees understand not only how to build profits, but to understand balance sheet ratios and understand that cash is king and you need to accumulate it.
— Catherine Monson, CEO and President of FASTSIGNS International Inc. / IFA 2016 Keynote Presentation
Profit Mastery helped me manage my business in a lot of different ways. The program taught me how to manage my cash flow, and really how to understand how my cash flow works. Profit Mastery is just that: learning how to master my profitability.
— Mel Folbrecht, SBDC Client, FSBDC at IRSC
JE Engineering experienced growth that led owners Cindi and Richard Jarvis to consider expanding. Before making this decision, however, Cindi wanted to be certain the expansion was warranted by the company’s financial performance. She turned to the Kalispell Regional SBDC to start her business planning through Profit Mastery.
— Kalispell Regional SBDC
This class was about how to take your business to the next level. I learned so much. It was wonderful.
— Beth Synder, owner of 1Canoe2.com, via The Callaway Bank
We endorse Profit Mastery because it works! Anyone can begin to understand the basics of finance and their business with this course. Thank you for creating such a useful tool for those of us who otherwise were driving a boat with no rudder.
— Tom Seefurth, Mamma Mia Pizza Beer
The tools were great in helping put it all together from a franchisee training perspetive, so that we can help them understand how to grow their business stronger & bigger.
— Winmark attendee, Minneapolis, MN
Steve LeFever is one of the best speakers I have ever seen, and the best by far on this topic. I recommend you run ... don’t walk, to sign up for this outstanding program.
— Larry Cassidy, Vistage Chair & Cope Award winner
Profit Mastery provided me with ratio formulas that we have been able to implement into the daily analysis of our businesses. As a manager with limited accounting background, Profit Mastery has given me the tools to better understand and utilize our financial statements. It has allowed us to better manage and understand our operations, its cash flows and profitability.

Profit Mastery made us really think critically when looking at capital expenditures, pricing, cost control and the like. Discussions with our banker and accountant have become much more meaningful and useful. It has truly made our jobs easier as owners and managers.

Steve LeFever delivers this topic in a fashion that not only keeps your attention but also engages you in the process. You come away from the course not only excited, but with tools to bring back to your company.
— Tod and Grant Pauly, Wisconsin Concrete Products, Inc. and Aggrecon, LTD
My business has been successful, very successful. After taking Profit Mastery, I now wonder how profitable we could have been. We left a lot on the table.
— Client of the Univ. of Houston/Victoria SBDC, Victoria, TX
The Profit Mastery tools and components were instrumental in helping us educate our franchisees on the critical issues they need to focus on to build their businesses. Your unique style mixes powerful tools with an amazingly effective combination of motivation and humor, and was responsible for getting our franchisees involved.
— Gigi Harding, CEO, Kwik Kopy Printing
Terrific insights into financial statements, and great tools for measuring and managing financial assets.
— Rodney Webb, Guam SBDC Mangilao, Guam
The Profit Mastery seminar is probably the most amazing few days I’ve spent to more fully understand the financial tools we use in day to day biz. I took my Director of Operations, the tech/systems guy, and my finance/books people. Amazing learning by all. Highly recommend! Check it out!
— Jody Hall, Owner of Cupcake Royale & Verite Coffee, Seattle, Washington
Steve’s presentation, combined with the course materials, made Profit Mastery an excellent learning experience. I would highly recommend the program to anyone that is looking to improve the efficiency of their business and develop a clear understanding of the numbers. Thank you for great learning experience.
— TeamLogic IT
On behalf of all the Big O dealers, but especially those that I spoke to directly, I would like to thank you for a great series of financial seminars and presentations at our recent convention. Without a doubt, these were the very best financial seminars (and possibly the best seminars) ever given at our convention. I look forward to working with you and the development of additional financial training that we can use with our franchisees on an ongoing basis.
— John B. Adams, Big O Tires, Inc.
Never a dull moment. I really liked the hands-on approach because it helped drive the information home for me.
— Business Owner and Profit Mastery live program attendee, Ft. Worth, TX
I have been in industry for 40+ years and this is one of the best business finance instructional seminars out there.
— Profit Mastery live program attendee, Honolulu, HI
The participant feedback from our customers and prospects and the CPA’s in attendance has been nothing short of overwhelming. I do not think that I have ever seen a seminar generate a more positive set of written participant evaluations ever.
— John E. Trial, Senior Vice President, Commercial Banking, Compass Bank
After taking the Profit Mastery course, my finances improved. As my top line shrunk, my bottom line improved, and it was the best year on record for my business!
— Jeffrey Cripe, i9 Sports
The best presentation I have seen in over 40 years in business of getting the owner’s attention to understand the need of acquiring knowledge of and use of financial statements.
— Ray Kimball, Solano College SBDC
I have taken numerous business courses, continuing education classes, and attempted many financial books but often find myself lost in the jargon. Profit Mastery gave me the confidence to “tackle this elephant” (and yes, I think the imagery is appropriate!). I believe this will be a game changer for me.
— Marty Vaughn, Franchise Owner, College Hunks Hauling Junk and College Hunks Moving

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